DBP Partners Products

High performance fenestration products

At DBP Partners Ltd we are committed to providing our customers with a glazing solution for any requirement

  • Probably the widest selection of European residential and commercial products from any UK/ Irish company including wood ,Wood alu-clad, uPVC, Bronze and very soon also all aluminium passive windows.
  • All timber windows available in Accoya, The most stable wood on the market with a 50 yr warranty.
  • All timber is 3 ply cross grain laminate to add strength and diminish possibility of warping.
  • All our M Sora Comfort line products are available in any commercially available timber species
  • Doors windows and sliding doors available with external glass covering the entire frame.
  • Virtually unlimited external colours available. (RAL Chart)
  • M Sora products will always be hand selected furniture grade timber, No finger joints, knots, blemishes etc.
  • Timber sourced from FSC/PEFC forests (Certification available upon request)
  • Passive House certified window with the lowest carbon footprint available.
  • Superfine aluminium sliding doors from Italy, Apexfine, with 22mm mullion where doors meet.
  • Thermally broken solid bronze and stainless steel available by Astec, when nothing else will suffice!!
  • All products produced to the highest thermal & acoustic transmission 6standards values, best available thermal values range from Uw 1.2 –Uw 0.5 , acoustic values 33-44 dB.
  • Alu-clad profiles can have the aluminium cut, welded and ground down to produce a perfect base for the seamless powder-coating finish. This is a time consuming and painstaking procedure producing the highest calibre of finish on the market. (Exceptions are anodised aluminium, bronze, wood veneer finishes & frames that exceed normal transport restrictions.)
  • Aluminium is attached to frame by thermally broken clips reducing cold/heat transfer.
  • Glass is available in Ug from 1.0 – 0.3 and can be tempered or laminate where safety glass required.
  • 3 Reasons for laminated (slight cost increase): Aesthetics (no distortion, that can be found in tempered glass) Security (glass will remain in place if broken.) Acoustics. (laminate glass transfers less sound waves because of the layers of different materials.
  • Glazed units can be Argon filled under various atmospheric pressures to ensure safe arrival at even the highest residences
  • Special high security versions of our products are available with stronger glass, reinforced frames and increased robust hardware.
  • We have much larger achievable unit sizes than most other window companies.
  • All windows and doors are custom made to measure.
  • Local dealers in all areas.
  • An optional  3 yr service schedule is available .
  • Products are dispatched, individually packaged then wrapped in a custom pallet and driven  to dealers/end users location. We don’t leave anything to chance during the transport from factory to site.
  • Deposit Bonds are available if and when required. (at a cost to the customer)

DBP Partners probably have:

Better windows
Better doors
Better quality
Better performance values
Better finishes
Better service
Better customer care after sales
More options
More timber species
More flexibility
More peace of mind
More dealers nationally
More HAPPY customers

Windows Styles available

Awning Window: Has wide, horizontal sashes that open outwared to any angle

Bay Windows: Three or more windows set at an angle to each other in a recessed area.

Bow Window: A curved window, sometimes called a circular bay.

Casement windows outswing.

Corner Windows: Any window that comes together at the corner of a room.

Dormer Window: Usually a small window projecting from the house in an alcove-like extension of the room

Double Hung or sliding sash Window: Most common of all window types, has two double sashes one or both of which slide up and down.

Double Windows: Side by side windows.

French Doors: Inswing or outswing

Glass facade or Curtain wall. Wall: Usually a group of basic window units made to fit together forming a veritable “wall” of windows. Or roof window sections.

Tilt & Turn Casement: Opens/ or tilts  into the room..

Out-Swinging Casement: Opens outwards..

Picture windows Window: Special shape in fixed and operating windows

Arch, trapezoid , triangle ,round

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding alu clad doors, sliding wood doors.